World Travel Market – ExCeL London – United Kingdom

The 23rd Philoxenia Intl Tourism Exhibition is in the past and has been included in history. The who-is-who of the Greek travel and Tourism industry was there along with the “may wana be’s”. They all did the classical PR, they all partied, few did business, a lot of them think they did, but what is for sure is that those who are going to go to THE event of the year, did some practicing on their selling and presentation skills.

What event am I talking about…but of course – World Travel Market. As the title implies, the world of travel and tourism is going to be at the ExCeL in London on November 12 – 15, 2007. The timing is just perfect because its either good for those markets that have just ended their high season or its good for the markets that the high season is about to start.

The business that goes on at the World Travel Market is beyond imagination. Travel and tourism professionals from all over the world travel to London to either find new business or continue the existing business they are doing and maybe enhance it. What ever the reason is, a lot of work goes on preparing for the exhibition, during and after. From what you can understand the expectations are high.

What goes on during those few days is unbelievable. Presentations at the stands, workshops, press conferences, educational seminars, shows, parallel activities, etc., etc., etc. The list is endless.

You might think that this is a very strenuous program and that all these people at the end of the day just crall into bed. On the contrary. By some odd way they are all  bon viveur, in the way they do business, all they way to what they do after exhibition hours. It seems that the industry attracts this kind of people. Parties, events, galas, etc. Some will also go to the theater and some even to the movies. No one stays in, unless you catch a flew and you back off for one night so you can really paint the town red the next.

Besides the business part of the exhibition, London is just beautiful this period of time. Both, for its weather as well as for its decorations for the Christmas Holidays. All the shops are decorated and there is a holiday season spirit close to that of New York’s.

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