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HeartLine Cruise to Turkey and the Aegean Islands to fight heart disease

Cristal of Louis Cruise Line

A group of well educated people, all with the same concerns, put their forces together to inform about heart disease and ways to prevent it. Probably you have heard this many times, but you haven’t heard of doing it in style – with a cruise to Turkey and the Aegean Islands.

Humanity suffers from various diseases but the one which we work on getting, is the heart. This takes time and effort – the basic elements which contribute to heart disease are: stress, eating habits, life style, smoking, etc., etc., etc.

We all know that, but we don’t take the time to actually let this information seep in and work on it. So the people of HeartLine (that is what they call the organization) decided to take a more hands on approach – and that is to persuade people to go on a cruise and tell them about how to change their life style and while on the cruise they can actually implement all what is said. Just to show them how easy it is.

The “persuading” to go on the cruise was easy – who doesn’t want to take a cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey. Lets not forget that cruising actually started in Greece the last century and now we have the mega cruise companies offering cruises anywhere a boat can float.

To ask them to come on a cruise that would talk to them about heart disease doesn’t sound very appealing – but the people from HeartLine appealed to people’s desire to learn about a healthy diet, wine drinking, mild exercise and managing stress. All of this was done by the very best – cardiologist, wine specialist, a gourmet, a fitness trainer and a psychologist. All of the speakers had one thing in mind – how to show the participants how one can lead a life which prevents/reduces the risk of heart disease.

Oh, one thing I almost forgot to tell you, the participants are invited to have their blood pressure taken as well as their cholestero, glucose and BMI measured by specialized staff from HeartLine.

The “cherry” to all this was that the price of the cruise was the same as if you were to take the cruise any other time!!!!
So HeartLine offered a cruise, with all the benefits and privileges of the cruise, Greek Islands – Turkey, basic health measurement by authorized staff, presentations by the very best, literature and the intangible benefit which you get when you socialize with people with common interest – networking!!!

What else does one want from a cruise to the Aegean Island and Turkey!!!

All of this took place on the “Cristal” of Louise Cruise Line a week ago. The participants were so thrilled that they are still talking about the cruise and their experience with the new approach on heart disease prevention.

From what you configure out the outcome was so good that HeartLine booked another two 7 day cruises to the Aegean Island and Turkey on Louis Cruise Liner “Cristal”. They are planned to take place on June 20th and August 22nd 2008.

If you want to take a cruise to the Greek Island and Turkey “and” in the mean while learn how to prevent heart disease with lectures from specialist and actually practice it without felling it, so you can get the hang of it, then you have to book yourself on one of the two cruises or both of them.

All the details and contact information is at HeartLine’s web site and bon voyage!!!

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