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Myconos Island, Cylades Greece

Mykonos is an island in the complex of islands called Cyclades on the east coast of mainland Greece. About 50 years ago Mykonos was discovered by the jet set and ever since it remains in the hearts of any one who is some one, from all over the world. Mykonos cannot be described using words. The picture above gives you just a gimps of what its all about. The night life is out of this world. There is a place for every one – young, old, family, singles, straight, gay, etc. And when we talk about service and quality – they invented the words.

If you are the morning type of person and you get up and walk through the streets of Mykonos and you will see just a few people strolling through the pictures streets – and you will wonder “where did all those people go that I saw last night.” Well my friends, they are sleeping!!! The night life in Mykonos goes all the way through the next dawn!!!

The hotels are something else, no mater what hotel category you say in. For a complete list of hotels in Mykonos you can visit Travelling Internet or you can go and make a booking/request at a selection of hotels in Mykonos at really great prices.

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