World Travel Market (WTM) 2008 – ExCeL London – UK

This up coming Monday November 10 till 13, the entire worldwide travel and tourism industry will be participating in the World Travel Market at the ExCel in London as it has become an industry standard.

Its funny when you think of it – every year just before this major event, World Travel Market, a war breaks, we have a devaluation of currency, we have 9/11, we have to deal with an epidemic, or the entire banking system is at the verge of total collapse.

We spend mega tons of brain power, investigating, analyzing, strategizing and all these bold and powerful words that end in -izing, on how and what will happen and what do we do.

Unless the world stops turning, a meteor hits earth or we are invaded by little green Martians from outer space – we have to understand that this is the international business environment we have to work in and that people will travel, go on vacations and need all the services the travel and tourism industry has to offer.

Households do not see travel and tourism as a luxury – they see it as part of the annual activities. What varies from year to year is how much is going to be spent on this item and how they will “maximize utility”.

“Maximize utility” are the key words. They are economical terms, very subjective, but very real when it comes to deciding one service versus another and how much – which means that we have to persuade that what we have to offer will maximize their utility and once its time to offer this service, it has to meet if not exceed expectations.

The bottom line is that we have to “prepare”. We cannot go to the World Travel Market and claim what we think is ours, because every one form all over the word will be their claiming the traffic they think they should get – and as we all know scarcity applies also to the industry of travel.

With one word we have to be and act professionally, per period of time– because professionalism is a dynamic concept and for every period of time professionalism changes and adapts to the best current practices.

So lets prepare for “the” travel and tourism event of the year by having in mind that international sh.t happens and that we can only ask for more when we meet expectations if not exceed.

Oh! One more thing. Its mid-November in London and the streets and shops should be decorated for the X-mas season. I don’t suppose you are not going to go shopping or window shopping. Right!

The same applies for travel and tourism for Greece – if “our shop” is “decorated” properly they will either shop or window shop.

Good luck!!!!


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