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Together & Apart Eric & Jeff

Together & Apart Eric & Jeff
Together & Apart Concert with Eric & Jeff

Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck together again after the famous Japan tour, performed live at the one of a kind O2 Arena in London. It was not an ordinary day but 2010 Valentine’s day, were some people with flowers in hands and some with the ‘together & apart’ ticket in the pocket. I was the guy with the together  & apart ticket in my pocket as well as the flowers in my hand. Amasing experience the Arena of 20,000 people, maybe the best indoor place in earth for the together & apart concert with the best available sound system.

People from all over Europe, ie. Belgium, France, Greece etc. had come to London to see Eric & Jeff.  I was impressed to see people in the concert sitting down; because usualy in such a concert the arena should be in flames, standing and roaring. The reason very simple, the people following Eric & Jeff are like me, bold old rockers  over 50! Was an excellent show, Jeff Beck started first the concert  playing with his unic way featuring Rhonda Smith on bass, and a string orchester in the back getting on stage the sweet Joss Stone just for two numbers. She told us the ‘put a spell on you’ the way she does and left barefoot as she came.

Eric Clapton’s turn, started acoustic with the moving ‘Layla’ and continued electric with all the oldies, ‘Cocaine’, ‘Wonderful tonight’, ‘I shot the sheriff’, etc. The fact is that he ‘owns’ the strat! He does whatever he likes, whenever he likes and however he likes. The tone of his chords and riffs is out of this space. He got with him Dr. Steve Gadd on drums, you know OMG. This was the apart thing.

Together on stage, Eric & Jeff. Was an experience! No words can describe the together & apart concert with Eric & Jeff. They will continue in the USA, follow the tour to ‘get experienced’.