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Andros island

Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades Islands cluster, the second largest after Naxos and is situated in the heart of the Aegean Sea.
The island of Andros, specifically the main port of Gavrio, is located at a distance of approximately 2 hours by boat from the port of Rafina.

From Athens the distance to the port of Rafina is approximately 1 hour by bus. Andros is also connected with the other islands of the Cyclades Islands cluster.

The island of Andros is gifted with important sightseeing, which are interspersed all over the verdant landscape. Hora, the capital, built on a peninsula, is a beautiful town with a ruin of a medieval castle as well as two interesting museums, the archaeological and the modern art museum.

After Gavrio, the main port of the island, the impressive tower of Agios Petros prevails. Batsi, the most popular resort of the island that pulses with traditional Cycladic houses, and a reverent monastery with an incredible view in the next village.

Paleopolis, Ormos Korthiou, Messaria, Apikia, are also magnificent settlements that worth a visit.

Andros is an island that throbs with amazing natural beauty that is reflected on the revitalizing flora, the natural springs, the amazing beaches and the crystal waters that embellish the gorgeous landscape.

The famous spa at Apikia, the sandy beaches at Gavrio, Kypri, Agios Petros,

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Pisso Limnionas and Fellos as well as the pebble beach at Vitali.

Moreover, the much frequented and long sandy beach of Batsi, the small Stivari beach, the beautiful Ateni beach and the verdant beach of Agia Marina are also amazing.

As far as your entertainment is concerned, if you are interested in cosmopolitan lifestyle and intense nightlife, here are our recommendations. The popular town of Gavrio that has organized tourism substructure, the coastal resort of Batsi that throbs with tourists and of course the much-frequented capital of Hora, are definitely the places to be, as they pulse with various entertainment centers.

Furthermore, all over the island of Andros, all year round, interesting saint

festivals and important cultural events are being organized, so do not miss the the chance to relish this experience.

(a) From Athens (airport) a drive of 50 minutes will bring one to the port of Rafina and the ferry journey to Andros takes two hours and takes one to the port of Andros, Gavrion. There are at least four ferries each day, one in the morning, early afternoon and evening: the SUPER FERRY (capacity 2.000 pax), the PENELOPE (capacity 1.500 pax), the ATHENA EXPRESS (capacity 1.500 pax), and the HAROULA SUPERCAT (capacity 1.200 pax). Other options include the FLYING DOLPHIN and the SEA JET CATAMARAN. The ferries takes two hours from Rafina to Andros and the Flying Dolphin and Sea Jet both takes one hour.
(b) From Mykonos: there are three boats daily from Mykonos to Andros and the duration of the ferry trip is 2 1/2 hours. The Flying Dolphin and the Sea Jet also cover this route and takes only 1 1/2 hours.

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