Set sail for the Greek Islands
Athens August 2004

If you are tired of crowded beaches filled with tourists or those cosmopolitan island bars, then maybe it's time to look into another way to spend your holidays.

Set sail!

Discover your paradise by renting a yacht from either Athens, Syros or Mykonos and head for the tiny islands of Donousa, Koufonisia, Schinousa, Iraklia, Keros, Ano and Kato Antikeri, and other dots in the sea which suit your fancy.

These small islands will enchant you with their beauty, sparkling beaches and no trace of motor vehicles.

Discover the magic of the sea and with the right company (needed in situations like these for the unexpected) make your first stop on the Donousa islet, just nine miles east of the island of Naxos, with its three anchor points. Here you will find virgin beaches and the gulf of Roussa, on the eastern part of the islet, is protected from winds by the small islet of Skylonisi, which is separated from Donousa by a small canal. The small port on the northern tip of the islet is best protected from the winds, but the rocky area offers some dangers for anchoring, thus prefer the western side of the gulf to anchor.

On the southern part of the islet is a second moorage, the Kentro, which is found east of the Cape of Dentro. At the cape you will see a small church, the trademark of the islet. In the small village of Stavros, on the western side of Cape Dentro, a small moorage is available for anchoring and thus you can enjoy your coffee or eat at the taverna. Nature is at its best on the islet.

The next stop might be the Epano and Kato Koufonisia islands. These two islands the last few years have drawn a number of tourists as they offer a truly excellent vacation spot. Anchor only at Epano Koufonisia.

On the uninhibited northeastern part of the island deep sea diving is enjoyed while on the southern end there is a small harbor. You can find tavernas and enjoy fresh fish on the island as well as a hotel, while at the port of Parianou you can enjoy a swim in the sparkling beach there.

The Kato Koufonisi is barren, but worth visiting before reaching the scenic island of Schinousa. Schinousa is surrounded by small moorages with beautiful beaches. There are hills with Chora and the port of Mersini offering places of rest and tavernas with fresh fish. On the southwestern side of Schinousa is the island of Agrilos.

Between the islands of Ios and Naxos, is the small island of Iraklia with its port, Aghios Nikolaos. As you enter the harbor, you see the impressive homes dotting the hills. Here you will find delicious appetizers and fresh fish in the fish tavernas. If you are in Iraklia during August 15th, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, you will participate in the festive activities. There are beautiful beaches to discover on the island. There is a second port, that of Pigadi, which can host your vessel on calm days.

Last stop in our tour of tiny Aegean islands is Keros, on the southern side of Naxos. It is three miles southwest of the island of Amorgos. There is a small port, ideal for anchoring. Don't forget to visit the other two tiny islands nearby Antikerou.

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