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This is the first and only complete site on travel and tourism in Greece. At this site you will find travel news items and detailed, accurate information on Greece i.e., hotels, campings, travel agencies, airlines, shipping, cruise, rent a car, yacht and air charter companies and what they have to offer (fares, prices, rates, package deals, bargains, schedules) and a lot more.

This site has been designed in such a way so that you may get all the information you nead to eventualy book your holidays in Greece from here.

Another feature of this site is that we have designed it so that you can navigate yourself very easily.

At the bottom of every page you will find text links to the major chategories from you can jump from one group to another.

Below the text links you will find buttons that will help you further.

The Search button gives you an overall picture of what is on this site and gives you the option to go directly to what you are looking for or if you are lost you can find your way.

The topics on this site and how you go about finding the information they contain.


Gives you all the travel and tourism news on Greece.


This area contains hotels, furnished apartments, pensions, campings etc., all over Greece. They are organised in 12 geographical areas. Athe the beginning of each geographical area there is a map which helps you identify where the information that follows is.

Another feature is that at the beginning of every geographical area there is the General Button which gives you general information on the area.


This area gives you various options. You may either look up agents for their offers from the All Agents Button which has the agents in alphabetical order based on their geographical location or you may go directly to their speciality so you may view their offers.

Rent a Car

Again you will find geographicaly the rent a car companies and what they have to offer.


Here you will find the yacht brokers, their contact information and what they have to offer.


At this area you will find the companies that offer cruises in the Greek seas and all over the world.

Air Transportation

This area of the site gives you a complete listing of the airlines with their complete information on how to contact them. Regular airlines, Charter airlines and air taxi companies. Some will also give you special fares or flights.

Sea Transportation

Here you will find all the passenger shipping companies which come to Greece or conect the Greek island. Some will give you time tables and/of fares.

Charter Flights

At this area you can find offers for charter flights.

All you need now is to get started.

Hope to see you soon in Greece.


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