Greek Island Cruises and Shore Excursions

Cruising throughout the world is totally different when cruising the Greek Islands. And when we say Greek Island we talk about 3000!…and Greece being the cradle of civilization, it means that each island has a history of its own.

So, a cruise really means that the cruise boat simply takes you from one island to another, were you, the cruiser has to get off the ship an tour the island and try to figure it out. Why did they build the town were they did? Why did they use the specific architecture? What are the locals habits? And what are these relics doing here? The questions are just countless.

That’s the reason you need to take an organized “Shore Excursion” . This may be either with a bus or on foot or even on donkey! But its always with a professional guide, who speaks your language and can give you all the answers you might have had, had you not signed up for a shore excursion.

Usually you can get on one of the score excursions the cruise company offers or if you are Island hopping you might just investigate over the net and find the right people, offering you what you are looking for.

Among those who offer shore excursions is Achtypis Tours who has been doing it for the past 37 years and provieds their services to all the major cruise liners, both Greek and foreign. Because I think that you desreve only the best contact them at and give yourself a chance to see Greece as it should be seen, through the experience of Achtypis Tours.

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