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Mykonos Island - Windmills and cube-shaped houses
Mykonos - Windmills & cube-shaped houses

Mykonos, the cosmopolitan place to spend your summer vacation – one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean, located in the complex of Islands called Cyclades. On top of that, Mykonos offers luxury top rated hotels. Mykonos is your first choice vacation/holiday spot, the world’s famous island offering anything one could desire. Mykonos island combines history, tradition, modern culture and one of a kind night life.

What makes Mykonos unique is that the island meets everyones need. If you are the type that you want to enjoy the serenity of the most beautiful sunset from the terrace of you hotel, tasting wine and having delicious Mediterranean delights, Mykonos is “the” place. Now on the other extreme if you want to party and never go to bed – Mykonos will exceed even the wildest party animal expectations.

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As for the islands services, they are top notch, for decades the people of Mykonos have been receiving the international jet set all the way to the everyday person – thus they know what service and facilities mean. Another feature that makes Mykonos so different is that it still maintains a balance between tourism development (hotels, restaurants, shops) and the preservation of its traditional look. Specifically, the island’s trademark are the windmills and the intact traditional architecture – the cube-shaped houses that glow in the sunlight, with numerous balconies full of colourful flowers, in the countless labyrinthine alleys. In these streets you can find a vast array of shops, where you can buy clothes, gold and silver jewellery and works of art designed by the most celebrated designers and artists.

If you relate to all of this, then don’t wast an more time and make your dream vacation come true. You will come back again and again.
The variety of accommodations meets everyones needs – from luxury, comfort to best prices.

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