Education TOEIC

What is TOEIC

TOEIC, the Test of English for International Communication is a test that measures the English writing, speaking, reading and comprehension skills.

The TOEIC test measures the English Proficiency of the candidate on the day to day usage of the English language at the work place and businesses internationally ask from non-native English speaker candidates to have taken the TOEIC test.

The TOEIC test consists of a 200 multiple choice questions, divided into two parts. The listening comprehension and the reading part. The listening comprehension part of the test consists of conversations and statements the examinees listens to and has to answer various questions. The reading part consists of various types of answering tasks, like completing sentences, identifying mistakes, and answering to reading comprehension questions. The duration of the test is two hours.

All around the world, over 3 million non-native English speakers take the TOEIC test. Although there are several proficiency test, the TOEIC test is the most recognized English proficiency test to date.

Companies internationally require from people applying for a job to have taken the TOIEC test and use this as one of the criteria for hiring. Another application of the TOEIC scores is to decide if an employee is eligible for promotion or for a position requiring the English language.

Even institutions of higher learning, like colleges and universities, use the TOEIC test scores to asses the students knowledge of the English language and class placement. The TOEIC test and the scores are a globally recognized Certificate of Achievement.

For those who are non-native English speakers and want to progress in the international/global corporate and want to prepare for the TOEIC test, there are several ways to go about this. The traditional way to go about it, is to go to an English language school. The contemporary way of going about it is online. Either way, the objective is to improve the candidates TOEIC score. They offer exercises from a large pool of questions, like the ones that are place on the test itself and by going through them, the candidate gets training about the logic of the test, the methodology and what is actually required by the test.

Once the candidates take the TOEIC preparation test, they see that they are required to focus on reading and comprehension exercises and by this they will be prepared for when they take the test. By taking a TOEIC preparation test the candidates will know ahead of time if they are ready to actually go ahead with the TOEIC test, which will give them the ticket to go up in the corporate world.