This cave is really a mystery. Meet the “Cave of the Lakes” in Achaia. Explore the legendary “Cave of the Lakes” in the village Kastriá of Achaia, only 17 km far from Kalávryta.

Wander around its mysterious galleries and multicolour chambers, and admire impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. What makes this cave quite unique is an unusual formation of cascading lakes that form three different levels within its mouth!

The cave’s explored length is 1,980 meters. Enter the cave through an artificial tunnel that leads you directly to the second floor, whose sight is truly awe-inspiring. Human fossils as well as fossils of a variety of animals (among which a hippopotamus) were found at the cave’s lower floor.

During winter time, when the snow melts, the cave is transformed into a subterranean river with natural waterfalls. In the summer, part of the cave dries up revealing stone basins and dams up to 4m in height.

The 13 lakes inside the cave retain the rest of the water.


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