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MELISSANI or MELISSANTHI CAVE is located not far from Karavomilos. It is a lacustrine cave of unique beauty and fully developed cave, which is 3.5 km long, 40m wide and 36m high.

Melissanthi cave constitutes a unique geological phenomenon. It was created by a mechanical and chemical process called karstikopoiisi (dissolution of rocks) during which water enters the calcareous rocks, erodes them and creates hollows.

The underground Melissanthi lake was discovered in 1951 by speleontologist Giannis Petrochilos.

A big part of its roof has fallen down revealing an amazing sight. During antiquity the lake was a place of worship dedicated to Pan and Nymph Melissanthi.

Myths mention that Melissanthi committed suicide and fell in the lake because Pan was not responding to her love for him.


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