Aesthetic Anaplasis or otherwise Cosmetic – Plastic Surgery and Tourism

As of this past summer Nip/Tuck (the TV show) has come to Greece. Its scheduled late, I’m sure because of the content, as if we don’t see a lot on TV these days. I am sure pages and pages worth of comments have been written about the show, so I will not act as if I am the specialist and give you my analysis. I’ll just say that, if its still running, it seems that there is a crowed that likes it (including me).

What triggered my curiosity was how and what are the comments of a real plastic surgeon. I happen to have a very good friend who happens to be a plastic surgeon. So I give him a call on a Sunday morning and invite him and his wife for lunch by the sea at a local taverna. That particular Sunday was “sun” day.

We ordered fresh fish, calamari and a lot of “mezedes” (titbits) along with white wine. I forgot to tell you that we were literally sitting out by the sea.

While we were eating and chatting about everything and nothin, I spring it on him, “what do you thing about Nip/Tuck?” One would expect to hear, “Its interesting”, “Its a nice story”, “I like this or that or the other”. Instead he and his wife tell me that they have never seen the show. What a disappointment. I couldn’t believe my ears. My friend the plastic surgeon explained that he is in bed by that time due to his work load and his wife went on about how demanding her schedule is with the their child and all, but they had been told all about the show, from friends. So they didn’t have the need to to sit so late and see it.

As you can understand I could not leave the opportunity go bye, so I started asking all the questions Nip/Tuck had created. They both enjoyed it. it seems that when you are a doctor, you are a doctor 7/24 and not 9 to 5 like we all are (who are not doctors) .

Many times we take words for granted, and we use them without knowing where they came from and what they mean. Well that outing gave me the real meaning about the words plastic surgery, it comes the Greek word plastikos meaning to mold or shape. Naturally, that was not the only thing that I learned.

As the day was growing and I knew that I was taking advantage of his time, so I asked him if he had a site. Well you wouldn’t believe the site he has. Its got everything anyone wants to find out in plain English.

So I call him back once I visited his site and asked him why he has his site was also in English, since he is living and working in Greece, thus his clients would what information only in Greek.

His answer, “I don’t have clients only from Greece”, and he explained that he has clients who take time off, visit Greece and also do plastic surgery. Now that is world class!

Should we call that medical tourism? I don’t know, but one thing I do know is visit his site Aesthetic Anaplasis.
If you need his services, just visit his biography or otherwise said, his CV. Its impressive, just like his work.

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