If we want the business, we have to show it – now!!!

Every so often something happens and we say “the world will not be the same anymore”.

The great crash of 1929, WWI & II, Attack on Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki – Hiroshima, 9/11 and all of this is just in the past 90 years.

Well my friends, the world is the same, we simply forget. “History repeats itself” with a different twist every time. The key thing is to be prepared.

This time it was the banking system. Who would ever imagine the hard faced capitalist system would run to the rescue of the banks! They really didn’t save the banks but the entire system for the short term, otherwise everyone would have ran to the bank and then the entire system would have collapsed.

This time around the system did not crash but the psychology of people is on a “wait and see mode” – now that they didn’t loose their money.

The key word is “wait and see”. When you “wait”, you do nothing! When you do nothing, you do not consume. When you don’t consume, money is short and does not go around. When money does not go around – we have a full force recession. At this time and place, a full force recession is something the large economies cannot afford.

I would then bet that the basic problem the “geniuses” are now working on is how to get out of the “waiting” phase so we don’t go into a recession which will take a long time to get out. Hey people, this is really big, don’t underestimate it.

So assuming that the “geniuses” get us out of this mess – it will take some time. By this upcoming summer we will be seeing some light in all this darkness and some people will want to go out and vacation. That is were we have to be prepared and be proactive.

If we too “wait and see” what will happen, someone else will be on the move and will take the business out of our hands.

And the philosophy, that “Greek tourism is resilient” and “good for us that we were up by so much” and “so and so country is down”, is what my father use to say “sea stories”.

Lets be real. If we want the business, we have to show it – now!!!


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