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How to use the Athens Subway

The Athens Subway has been a long-desired dream come true. Finally, Athens has the subway that we are all proud of. It is the quickest and most trustworthy public transportation mean and it can compete with any other European subway. It was completed in 2004, right before the commencement of the Athens Olympic games and connects the gateways El. Venizelos Athens international airport, Piraeus port and the city center.

The Athens Subway is modern, clean and above all it hosts some very important archeological findings. Riding the subway is like visiting a museum, since all the archeological artifacts are exhibited in showcases at the stations where they were found during the extraction.  

The Athens Subway consists of two major underground lines, the blue and the red line, as well as one overground line, the green line, which has been around for many decades. The blue line connects the El. Venizelos Athens international airport, the city center and reaches the western suburbs of Athens. The red line connects the eastern suburbs, city center and reaches the northwestern suburbs of Athens. Finally, the green line connects the northern suburbs with the Piraeus port, intersecting both the blue and red lines. From all of these stations, one can hop off and catch buses, trolleys and the tram for other destinations which are not yet covered by the Athens Subway system.

To get on the Athens Subway, you need a ticket. This ticket is a paper ticket, which can be purchased from kiosks all around Athens, overground ticket counters, as well as counters and automatic ticket issuing machines in all underground stations. The single ticket is valid for 90 minutes to all directions and all means of public transportation within Athens. This ticket costs only one euro! We must note that to go to the airport, which is outside the city limits of Athens, the ticket costs six euros per person and if you are a couple you will pay only ten euros! When you go to the underground counters you can ask the teller for special ticket fares for more than 90 minutes use.

Just before you use the Athens Subway, there are these boxes, like shoe boxes, on a pole that you have to insert the ticket so that the ticket becomes validated. Once you do this you have an hour and a half to go up and down any subway line and any other public means of transportation. You must not forget to validate your ticket, otherwise you run the risk of being fined when the subway inspectors come around, and they do come around!

On the line of the subway you can visit the major attractions and archeological sites such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the Parliament, the Athens University, the Archeological Museum, Plaka, Monastiraki, Thision, the Olympic Stadium, Megaron Mousikis (Music Hall) and many many more which you will discover along the way.

Besides the sightseeing, you can use the Athens Subway to do amazing shopping for local and international brands in the areas of Kolonaki, Ermou street, around Syntagma Square, Kifissia and Glifada area, Piraeus and every other corner you will discover on your own!

The Athens Subway system starts at 05:00 am until 00:30 am from Monday to Friday. During weekends it operates from 05:00 am until 02:30 am.