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Led Zeppelin in Greece

Led Zeppelin in GreeceLed Zeppelin in Greece on November 16, 2012 at the Athens Megaron. Actually, Led Zeppelin will not be live in Athens Greece but documentary of the concert at 02 Arena that took place in London in 2007, after 27 years break.The legendary concert will be presented On November 16th at the Athens Megaron.

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Luxury Villas in Santorini

Luxury Villas in SantoriniLuxury villas in Santorini are the best place to enjoy Santorini island. Santorini was born by an ancient volcano eruption and is considered to have special magnetic powers that infuence people in special ways. It is the perfect place to live or revive your romance,have your wedding or honeymoon and feel inspired as you sit drinking a glass of wine, looking over the remains of the largest volcanic eruption in the world.

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Ενοικιαζόμενα Διαμερίσματα στη Ρόδο

????????????? ???????????? ??? ????Εξαιρετικά ενοικιαζόμενα διαμερίσματα στη Ρόδο, το νησί του ήλιου που είναι ένας από τους πιο φημισμένους προορισμούς της Μεσογείου με ηλιοφάνεια 320 ημέρες το χρόνο. Αυτό και μόνο κάνει τη Ρόδο έναν ελκυστικό προορισμό για οικογένειες ή και ζευγάρια που αναζητούν στιγμές χαλάρωσης με θέα το γαλάζιο ή σε κάποιο από τα παραδοσιακά χωριά όπως είναι η Λίνδος. Υπάρχουν διάφοροι τύποι διαμερισμάτων που μπορούν να φιλοξενήσουν από 2 ως 4 άτομα φίλους ή ακόμα και οικογένειες. Τα ενοικιαζόμενα διαμερίσματα στη Ρόδο είναι ένας καλός και οικονομικός τρόπος για να περάσει κανείς τις διακοπές του.

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Παραδοσιακή Συνταγή για Παπουτσάκια

??????????? ??????? ??? ???????????Παραδοσιακή Συνταγή για Παπουτσάκια
Η παροδοσιακή συνταγή για παπουτσάκια βασίζεται σε αγνά και παραδοσιακά υλικά και είναι ένα από τα πιό αγαπημένα πιάτα των Ελλήνων.
Είναι ένα πιάτο που τρώγεται το καλοκαίρι διότι το βασικό υλικό για τα παπουτσάκια είναι οι μελιτζάνες.

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Mykonos vs Santorini

Mykonos vs Santorini

Every summer we face the same dilemma: visiting Mykonos vs Santorini.
Both islands of the Cyclades in the Aegean sea are the top two Greek destinations and have dedicated and passionate fans. Luxurious hotels and fine restaurants attract international and Greek celebrities giving both islands a cosmopolitan flair. Both Mykonos and Santorini are accessible by air (international direct charter flights) and sea, which makes getting there easy.

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Advantages of purchasing online

Advantages of purchasing online today have increased significantly. Initially, buyers were benefited from the fact that the online shops were open 24/7. Among the advantages of purchasing online in the good old days of the Internet was the absence of the bully salesman, which enables the buyer to purchase at leisure.

No doubt the above mentioned advantages of purchasing online still apply and nowadays they’ are indeed enhanced with the following advantages:

A global selection of suppliers to consider and choose from.
A wide product variate as well as specifications and features (sizes, colours, etc).
Internet provides the buyer with the opportunity to review testimonials and compare products.
Online products are usually cheaper compared to traditional shopping due to many reasons such as currency, production costs involved, prices, etc.
Security is no longer an issue; secure payment gateways have been introduced i.e. Paypal.
Purchasing online most of the times comes with free delivery/shipping.
Purchasing online is synonymous to green purchasing since no need to engage in transportation, in addition is almost hassle free, entails no parking and no traffic, thus less time is wasted.

This was an attempt to identify the current advantages of purchasing online, by no means is a complete list of advantages, and we’re definitely sure that you have more to add on the above mentioned list.

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Things to do in Athens

Things to do in Athens

The first and second most important things to do in Athens are to visit the Acropolis combined with the brand new Acropolis Museum.

This is one of the most important things to do in Athens , just like visiting the Big Ben in London , the EIffel Tower in Paris and the Pyramids in Cairo.

But since we are talking about things to do in Athens, lets get back to our subject : set on the foot of the  Acropolis hill, you will discover Plaka the oldest neighborhood of Athens a real village right in the heart of the city. There you can enjoy and relax , drinking a frappe (famous Greek cold instant coffee) at one of the picturesque cafe.

Make sure you don’t miss the chance to walk around the Ancient Greek Market (Agora), right where all famous ancient philosophers like Plato and Socrates used to gather with their students to talk about life, politics and ethics. Swinging around towards Athens center make sure to check out the Temple of Zeus and Andrian’s Roman Gate.

Among the things to do in Athens is to visit the change of guard in front of the parliament. Then off to the Panepistimiou street to admire some of the most emblematic buildings in Athens (academy, university , national library) designed by the well know German architect Ziller, by the way if you happen to be in Athens the next few days there is a interesting exhibition dedicated to Ziller at the national gallery, which is next to Hilton Hotel.

Tired yet ? time for a Greek souvlaki, which can be easily found at one of the millions of places in Athens.

Next set of things to do in Athens is visit the following museums :
National Archeological Museum, Cycladic Museum, Benaki Museum , Byzantine Museum among the numerous museum to visit, these are the most significant.

To consider a day complete with things to do in Athens, you must go for shopping at Kolonaki !!! International and local Chic stores, boutiques with a variety of brands like Gucci, Prada … but also the Greek Lalaounis and Zolotas, famous jewelery stores.

Athens by night !!!!

Quick shower at the hotel, off to the landmarks ! if you happen to be in Athens during summertime make it a point to catch a performance at the Herodium and a show at the Lycabettus hill, from where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Greeks always say “the night is still young”: Places like Gazi and Psyrri offer about a million of bars, tavernas, clubs, concert halls and restaurants to chose and stay up really late!

There are many other things to do in Athens but these are the most important!

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Easter in Greece

Red Easter Eggs

Easter in Greece is one of the most significant religious holiday for the Greeks and all Orthodox worldwide. This year both the orthodox and catholic christian Easter are celebrated on the same date. Therefore many Europeans are also expected in Greece to experience the traditional Easter in Greece.

Easter is also accompanied with the blooming of nature and is more evident in the greek countryside. If you had never experienced Easter in Greece this year is the ideal time, since all Europe celebrates at the same time.
The festivities for the greek easter begin a week before Easter Sunday and everyday leads to the spiritual climax of easter day.

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How to use the Athens Subway

The Athens Subway has been a long-desired dream come true. Finally, Athens has the subway that we are all proud of. It is the quickest and most trustworthy public transportation mean and it can compete with any other European subway. It was completed in 2004, right before the commencement of the Athens Olympic games and connects the gateways El. Venizelos Athens international airport, Piraeus port and the city center.

The Athens Subway is modern, clean and above all it hosts some very important archeological findings. Riding the subway is like visiting a museum, since all the archeological artifacts are exhibited in showcases at the stations where they were found during the extraction.  

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Τι είναι το World of Warcraft (WoW)

Βρεθήκαμε σε μια παρέα όπου κάποιοι συζητούσαν για το παιχνίδι World of Warcraft και μείναμε άφωνοι. Παρακολουθώντας την κουβέντα τους διαπιστώσαμε ότι για κάποιον που δεν έχει γνώση αυτού του αντικειμένου, ακούγεται σαν κάτι εντελώς ξένο. Αποφασίσαμε λοιπόν, να κάνουμε μια περιγραφή στους μη γνώστες που έχουν άτομα στο περιβάλλον τους που ασχολούνται, τι είναι το World of Warcraft!