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Sesame Sticks

Sesame sticks, a Greek traditional snack, based on natural products, sesame seeds and honey, with high nutritional value. How to prepare Sesame Sticks at home!

Sesame SticksSesame sticks, in Greek called “Pasteli”, is a Greek traditional snack based on sesame seeds and honey, both ingredients are natural products with nutritional value. Sesame sticks are sweet, rejuvenating, rich in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron. The roots of sesame sticks starting from Homer’s Iliad. Sesame sticks are made of honey and sesame, elements that should be projected and included in children’s nutritional habits. Honey and sesame were also the main ingredients of the nutritional habits of the ancient Greeks, who had invented different dishes in order to use these two ingredients.

You can purchase sesame sticks from super markets, health stores, bio-markets and kiosks. Although, the best and most healthy way is to make it by yourself.

Recipe: How to prepare Sesame sticks at home!

Boil honey in a shallow pot with a big surface and remove the foam.
When the honey is ready we add sesame and keep on stirring, so as not to stick in the bottom of the pot.
When the boiling is over we spread the mix on a solid surface, ideally a marble top, smeared with sweet wine or almond oil.
When the mixture has cooled, we shape it and cut it in pieces, rectangular sticks or any shape you want.

The procedure is simple and the secret is to succeed in the bonding of the two ingredients.

A practical method to see if the ingredients have bonded together is the plate test.
Pour some of the mix in a plate and if it can be easily removed, then it is ready.
Another is the glass method:
With a spoon drip some mix in a glass of water, if it doesn’t dissolve immediately, then it is ready.

Sesame sticks are an excellent mid-day snack and ideally can be consumed before an athlete’s training and provide a boost of energy. It provides the athlete a great amount of energy without adding extra fat.