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    Hello there, yeia sas
    my name is christalla kalathakis im 19 years old im from London and born in London. I been studying travel and tourism in college for the past 3 years I have passed my course I got 2 B’S and 1C I also passed my maths and english. I know four different languages 1. English, 2. Greek, 3. Spainsh and 4. French. Im now looking for a part time job within the travel and tourism industry and I would like to ask yous if you do have any vaccines as part time to learn bit more about the travel and tourism industry. The reason why i have chosen travel and tourism course in college is because i want to become air hostess and i have learnt a lot within the travel and tourism industry within the past 3 years please do contact me on 00447748169426 thank you for your concerned. I can speak proper and clear greek. thank you Ευχαριστώ.

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