with No Comments is an internet site presenting & promoting exceptional Greek Wine Producers. “Small Vineyards – Great Wines”.

Botilia’s team consists of tasters, oenologists, wine chemists, experienced professionals and wine lovers in general, seeking, tasting and choosing high quality and often difficult to obtain diamonds of the Greek vineyard. With our experience and knowledge of the wine environment, we come across wines that often surprise us!

Our mission
Good wine needs to be shared. Initially we used to share our discoveries with friends. Along the way, friends invited friends and our company grew. Thus the idea of Botilia was born, having the mission of discovering and selecting exceptional and often rare wines of the Greek vineyard, but also providing them at very attractive prices.

Our choices
Our guiding principal: “if we would not buy this wine ourselves then it will not be available on botilia”.

The selection process is very rigorous in order to arrive only at the highest quality, of particular wines, at the best possible price. On average, only one out of ten of the wines we taste is selected and is available through botilia. Ensuring limited quantities for a short period of time, we manage to achieve special rates, for our members only

You can join the and travel in flavors that will flood your palate!


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