Iraklia Island, a perfect place for true relaxation and privacy

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A tiny island between Naxos and Ios, Iraklia is the perfect place for true relaxation and privacy.

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Even in summertime, when the neighbouring islands are full of tourists, Iraklia remains secluded and protected from mass tourism. With lovely beaches, hilly landscape and welcoming people, Iraklia island is a paradise.

Iraklia has two villages: Panagia, located in the centre of the island, and Agios Georgios, which serves as the main port. Both these villages have traditional architecture.

Iraklia has many beautiful beaches around its coastline. Some of these beaches can be accessed on foot, while others are more remote, so visitors will need to take the excursion boat from the port to go and enjoy some privacy. The most famous and impressive beach on Iraklia is Livadi, a long sandy beach with crystal water on the eastern side of the island.

You can see, Kastro (castle) of Livadi: These are the remains of a castle of Hellenistic Period (323 b.c-316 b.c.). Also found are the ruins of the temple of Zeus and that of the Goddess of Luck. It was a settlement until 1930

The Bay of Meriha: it is surrounded by cliffs more than a hundred meters high. Birds find natural nests inside the openings in the cliffs.
Papas Hill: from where one can admire the view of all the islands that are around Iraklia. From this point bird-watchers can indulge in their hobby because some rare species of birds can be spotted from here.

The Cave of Agios Ioannis. It’s the biggest cave of the Cyclades and one of the best in Greece. Consists of a maze of incredible stalactites, stalagmites, columns and a rare kind of ”cave-milk” and it takes two and a half hours to explore it. It is situated at a panoramic site with full view of the sea and nearby island.

Alimia beach is located at the south west part of Iraklia and it is a coast of fine sand. Under its transparent green-blue waters a wreck of a German war plane is found which was shot down during the 2nd World War. As such, Alimia beach is the ideal place for snorkeling and underwater explorations.

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