Kaimaktsalan, the third highest mountain in Greece

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The Vora (or Kaimakatsalan) is the third highest mountain in Greece, located in the northern part of the prefecture of Pella to the limits with the prefecture of Florina. Continues across the border on the side of FYROM.

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The highest peak is Kaimatsalan or Kaimaki to 2,524 meters. North is connected westward with the mountains Jenna (2,182 meters) and Pinovo (2,156 meters), which consists a part of the same range. Covered by forests of oak, beech and pine. Vora in a ski center. The highest peak of a small church, monument Serbs fallen of the First World War. It is the third highest mountain in Greece after Olympus and Smolikas, with the top of the Kaimakatsalan be up to 2524 meters. Is the natural boundary of the prefectures of Florina and Pella, while low in southwestern slopes, as mentioned, separating the basin of Florina this Amyndeon. Although the first image of the mountain from the side of Florina shows a dry and barren volume, however, the entire mountain is diverse habitats, with large areas of contiguous mixed forests (oak, beech, chestnut, fir, pine), deep valleys, canyons and prairies. This results in the presence of many important flora, with more than 150 groups of plants and animals. Characteristic of the area are the remnants forest of pine (Pinus peuce), as of oak (Quercus trojana). The oak tree is, indeed, found mainly on the western slopes of the prefecture of Florina, where it forms the most extensive forests. Important species not found in the other two mountains of the county is the land tortoise (Testudo graeca) and several species of birds at least 130 have been seen as the imperial eagle (Aquila heliaca), o vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) and chionostrouthos ( Montifringilla nivalis). Of particular importance is the area for predators, nesting 13 of 23 species observed, but for woodpeckers represented here with 9 species.

From the western slopes of the stems Moglenitsa Vora, who before the drainage work carried out on the plain Giannitsà was part Loudias, and from the southern river Edessian.

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