Metsovo, the largest centre of Vlach life in Greece

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The Municipality of Metsovo consists of the municipal districts of Metsovo, Anilio, Anthochori and Votonosi. It extends over an area of 200.000m2 and it has a population of ca. 6.000 inhabitants.

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To the north it bounds to the Prefecture of Grevena, to the east and southeast to the Prefecture of Trikala and to the west and southwest to the Prefecture of Ioannina. Metsovo is the seat of the municipality, built at an altitude of 1200m., at the junction of Epirus, Thessaly and Western Macedonia.

Anilio is situated opposite Metsovo, Anthochori is located further to the south and Votonosi lies next to the Metsovitikos River, along the Ioannina-Trikala national road.

The municipality stands on the southern end of northern Pindos and extends between Mt Mavrovouni to the north (altitude 2.160m.) and Mt. Lakmos or Peristeri to the south (altitude 2.295m.), two of the highest mountains of Epirus.

The mountainous terrain consists of strong elevations while many species of the flora and fauna find refuge in the dense forests.

The area has a rich hydrographic network. Here rises the Aoos river, which flows to the north and through Albania into the Adriatic Sea and has created the homonym artificial lake, the Arachthos river that flows to the south and ends up to the Gulf of Amvrakikos, the Pineios river etc.

The continental climate brings a long and hard winter with heavy rain- and snowfalls.

The mountainous configuration of the region and the climate determine the occupation of the inhabitants. The majority deals with the wood processing (carvings, furniture, iconostases, barrels, beehives etc), the cattle breeding, the cheese making, tourism that shows a remarkable development in the last years and, up to a certain degree, the agriculture.

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