Fistiki Fest 2014

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Fistiki Fest 2014Aegina, the first capital of the modern state of Greece, the island of the pistachio, is hosting the sixth annual “Fistiki Festival”.

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A four-days programme, beginning on the 18th of September and ending on the 21st, includes events of cultural, entertaining and educational character, while special emphasis is given to gastronomy.

The commercial exhibition, set up along the port of the island, is the core of the celebrations. About 60 kiosks offer local products varying from a great quantity of pistachio and other pistachio nut-based products, as well as local agricultural products, such as Aeginetan cheese and honey, to multiple other traditional goods of Aegina, such as clay objects, kopaneli-laces (hand-woven laces), jewelry and much more.

The program includes art exhibitions, folklore dances, songs, lectures, plays and other performances. At the same time many creative and interesting demonstrations for children are taking place.

The fistiki festival attracts every year thousands of attendants, who are given the chance to visit the unique archaeological sites and discover the, so many, other beauties of the island.

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