Meteora six monasteries on the rocks

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Meteora is located in the NorthWestern part of Trikala city and specifically, rising above the town of Kalabaka. It’s a destination for all those wanting to explore the natural scenery, visit the monasteries and, of course, climbers from around the world. This unique geological phenomenon has created one of the most beautiful areas for climbers. There are trails that satisfy athletes of every level, from beginners to the most experienced. Have other activities in the area, such as hiking and biking.

At the tops of the rocks, the famous monasteries of Meteora are built, and they constitute the largest monastic state of Greece, after Mount Athos. The first hermits arrived at the rocks of Meteora around 1100a.C. and until 1500a.C. there were founded 24 monasteries. Today, only six of themstill host monks and the rest 15 are uninhabitated and deserted.


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